Sable Dives Deep - 3rd at NYC Startup CO

rural_octopus047 95

I had never played Deep Dive until Sable was previewed and now I'm a true believer. This deck went 2-2 in Swiss, with losses to @internet's GameNET and @hypno_beam's Hyoubu, and then dropped the first game of the cut to @skry's PD. Sable takes a while to get setup for max value -- I couldn't keep up with PD and hit 2 early Snare's against Jinteki -- but once she is there your turns become a whirlwind. A full suite of Security Testing, Pennyshaver, DreamNet, and The Class Act gets you a clickless 2c now, 2c later, and filtered draw if you manage to mark an un-iced Archives. Even without mark, many of my turns started with a run on Archives (ideally Dirty Laundry) for money and card draw, plus the successful run makes Marjanah only 1c worse than Corroder for none of the influence. That influence is kept back for 2 copies of Deep Dive to close out the game (though be prepared to whiff, it will ruin your day). The extra Sable click makes DD more efficient, and since you can only use 1 extra click with DD the econ of Pennyshaver was more appealing to me than the extra extra click from Swift. Early turns can be full of clicking to draw if you can't find a DreamNet but once it's on the table (ideally with one of the other setup pieces) your turns become more efficient.

Despite going 2-3 this deck felt like it was on when it was on and like it was very close to being on when it was off. I'm excited to keep honing this deck -- I was worried that failing to slot No Free Lunch would leave me vulnerable to NBN's new tools but luckily I never faced Prav and never had to worry about tags. Carpe Diem seems like it may be a better alternative to Bravado early game when you're still trying to build up and can run an un-iced mark for extra value.

Huge thanks to all who played and made this tournament a ton of fun, and a massive shoutout to @kysra for being a wonderful TO!