Comrades Mti

Wyrm 1092

I’m very thankful to the Comrades for hosting me at their AirBnB at the last minute, and also helping me with decks. This, along with the Hayley, were developed and tested by Comrades, along with the Val and CTM.

These other two decks were quite a bit less successful than the Val/CTM, but I managed at least to get 31st. The only other Comrade on this deck was Jonas.

I probably should have played CTM, but being out of practice I was relatively comfortable with the mTi gameplay and was extremely thankful for the defensive agenda suite. I only went to time in 2 of my games, and I think if I had a little more practice I could have gotten some additional wins.

I wanted to take this moment to also thank all my other testing groups/partners who helped me this year. Anti-, Illuminati, and ElitePlayers. Specifically here I will also call out @bblum, who has always been an incredible testing partner and soundboard.