2nd place Belgian Nationals: Lat with a random Embezzle

ryanbantwins 2433

This deck dropped a total of 3 games throughout the weekend, all of them against the same player, all of them while being on matchpoint, ... Dang :)

It's basically the same Lat you've seen a thousand time, but just no longer with Rezeki and Pad Tap.

I was expecting a lot of asset spam, either out of CTM or Ob (Bridgeman version), hence the double Paricia, (and to a lesser extent the overclocks vs CTM). Also with R+, CTM and Bridgeman Ob all in the meta, I had to finnaly give in, and actually play a misdirection in my deck. I hate it ...

The Embezzle is there to 'solve' (overstatement) the lack of HQ pressure this deck normally has. Also imo, in the current meta there a lot of decks that are keeping a lot of valuable operations in hand, and with Embezzle you have another way of dealing with some of those threats in a way that is normally not possible with shaper. Cards like, HHN, tag punishment, audacity, biotic, seamless, a random neurospike ...

I do think however that Hyperbaric is no longer justified in this list over Unity, and Ika might also have become debatable.

27 Sep 2022 ayyyliens

You should be ashamed playing misdirection

27 Sep 2022 Cluster Fox

:point-up: this.