Don't Forget PD Trigger After Architect Score

Rhahi 118

A variation of the UK Nats PD deck, played in Linköping CO.

modification recipe

  • cut 1 Border Control, add 1 Bran.
  • cut 1 Gatekeeper, add 1 MIC.
  • cut 1 Spin Doctor and 1 Greasing the Palm, add 2 YDL.
  • cut 1 Regolith, add 1 Vovo.

The ice suite is a bit heavier, but the 2 YDLs and 1 Vovo can help with these, along with the usual Tranq grid.


It was very easy for me to forget PD trigger after seeing 5 cards off of Architect Deployment Test and taking notes of them! I think a good strategy is to pick up identity card into my hand so that I remember to use it before I put it down again.

In one game, after seeing top 5 cards with Architect, I noted when the Seamless Launch is coming, and then timed that to score a never-advanced 4/2 agenda to win with exact number of credits needed, when the runner wasn't expecting it.