Refreshingly Ayla (SOCR4)

HiddenAway 932

Final decklist for the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 4 tournament, winning the tournament just after Council of the Crest was released.

Magnum Opus is the restricted card, though it could possibly be a Professional Contacts. The choice to go to Opus was because it can be installed with Modded for a 3 credit discount, while Professional Contacts has to be installed with the full 5 credits because of the lack of Career Fair in the format.

Shaper has some decent icebreakers in Cache Refresh and it means that influence is freed up for various tricks like Inside Job (it's fairly common in Cache Refresh - you've been warned!). In fact, I struggled to use up the influence when I built the version of the cut and ended up with 5 influence free. I'll leave you all to figure out what to use it for :).

Cyberdelia is a choice that some weren't convinced by when testing but I found a lot of value in the chips, providing just a few extra credits when making runs. Takobi was put in to add more value and to attempt to start a more efficient setup and break suite - but in the end, it only really found value in my quarter final match when facing the heavy Space Ice in Titan. I do like Takobi in this deck though and could allow you to drop one of the Dedicated Processors. Kongamato can be used against expensive single subroutine ice and this also activates Cyberdelia AND Takobi! It's sister resource, Ghabali was in Council of the Crest but Kongamato was more than enough for it's slot and is cheaper.


Swiss Rounds

This deck went 4-1 in Swiss before I made some changes based on the cut (changes at the bottom). The main idea was to gain money with Magnum Opus and just install everything as quickly as possible to head off any threats. Magnum Opus should be in the NVRAM if possible, just in case you don't see it in the opening 2 hands.

Dummy Box and Biometric Spoofing were added as counters for Skorpios and cards like Wake Up Call and Urban Renewal. It really helped in the one Skorpios game that I had during the Swiss games, but were dead cards against everything else, except maybe the Tennin game against Sanjay. Sneakdoor was a late addition but was never used!

Modded is a real winner for this deck. A cheap Opus, a cheap Ubax or a free Cyberdelia can make all the difference so this deck packs 3 of them. Dedicated Processor is there to give Inti the boost it needs, but can also be good on Na'Not'K for the smarter players who put sentries on low ice count servers...


The deck went 3-1 in the 3 best-of-3's in the competition. Notable moments included breaking an Asteroid Belt for just 3 credits with Inti thanks to Takobi. The one loss was against a very strong YankeeFlatline ASA deck that built a very high ice remote to which I couldn't answer and he rushed out the win before I could set up. However, in the deciding game, I luckily found 7 points in an Indexing and hid 2 of the agendas in the bottom of the 5 cards to sneak a win. Magnum Opus went hiding during the final match but I managed to disrupt the Atlas train just enough in the first game to take it was a last ditch R&D run. In the second game, I hammered R&D to get new accesses after Miraju was rezzed to disrupt Indexing.

Changes between Swiss and Cut rounds

This version was tweaked after the Swiss rounds with the following changes:

  • -Biometric Spoofing x2
  • -Dummy Box x2
  • -Sneakdoor Beta x1
  • -Ubax x1
  • +Cyberdelia x1
  • +Kongamato x3
  • +Self-modifying Code x1
  • +Takobi x1