GenCon's Best Leela (6th Place, 3-2)

ClosDeLaRoche 763

Your standard Good Stuff Leela in MWL 3.3.

Wins against Argus, Blue Sun and Palana with losses against Azmari and SSO. Both losses could have been wins with better piloting and a pair of Stimhacks. Contesting a 4-ice remote without Stimhack is a frustrating mess!

Adding Stimhack would be the most dramatic improvement but there are a handful of other changes I would make to improve the deck:

1st) Blueberry Diesel is not good. Original formula is worth the influence.

2nd) Two Legworks is fine but Legwork is best when it is a well-timed finisher, ideally when there is a double advanced card in the remote. My favorite trick in Leela is Legwork, steal an agenda, bounce that double advanced agenda in the remote, then steal that too! So much fun. In any case, one Legwork is all you need.

3rd) Datasucker is undoubtedly great but Bankroll can do just as much work for zero influence. Two Bankrolls are best if you need that extra pip for a Stimhack.

4th) I never used the clone chip. It feels bad to have no back-up plan when your engolo gets SDSed but considering how little I use the clone chip I doubt it's worth the influence.

5th) If we're cutting the clone chip let's go with 3 Falsifieds. If Weyland installs and double advances, Falsified to see what it is then Stimhack to steal the SDS before your Engolo gets sniped.

6th) I'm rarely sad to draw No One Home in this meta so it may be worth it to slot two. With enough econ it blanks HHN, can shake an Argus tag, and neuters Snare. What a fantastic card! Upping this to two copies can do a lot to protect against HHN in a deck that loves to run. Additionally, I've found Miss Bones to be a worthwhile addition against the majority of corps, not just IG and Gag.

All said, I've been playing the deck on jnet this week with the following changes and am winning about 67% of the time:

-3 Blueberry Diesel, -3 Deuces Wild, -1 Legwork, -1 Clone Chip, -1 Kati Jones, -1 Datasucker

+1 No One Home, +1 Falsified Credentials, +1 Bankroll, +1 Miss Bones, +2 Diesel, +2 Stimhack, +1 Career Fair, +1 Earthrise Hotel

Cheers and a big thank you to Austin and Jamie for hosting an intense day of Netrunner!

13 Aug 2019 boreira

Nice deck aslo thought think two no one home might work