Why can't I have no kids and three money?

greyfield 3908

This is the best Corp I’ve played so far testing post-Uprising. It began in GameNET but testing revealed Azmari money is far less contingent, you get it sooner (“It’s my money and I want it now!”) and being able to trim the 7th agenda is great.

Bellona has consistently overperformed and is a serious menace, both as an agenda and as fuel for Punitive Counterstrike (every 5 credits the runner loses is effectively 10 credits savings for a double Punitive). Gold Farmer is very solid taxing even without the profits from GameNET and while I know F2P is not popular I’ve been pleased with it - a 4c tax for a 4c ice is a good rate, and unlike Slot Machine they can’t evade it by going to 0.

It turns out the best way to build decks is embrace fundamentals. Who’d have thought??