Almost Fair PE - (1st Place Reading GNK)

steffmonkey 193

This is the deck i brought to the Reading GNK 5/5/18. The deck was amazing on the day going 5-0. I played against an Adam, Hayley, Wu, and two 419s. All the games were really fun and there were a few nail biters.

After spending many hours unsuccessfully building a good Jinteki deck I decided to use Highwire's Exceedingly Fair PE / Even Fairer PE as a starting point from which to make my own deckbuilding mistakes.

I decided I wanted add in 3 Rashida and 3 NGO and was therefore going to be tight on deck slots so I went with the Braintrust over 2x Chornos (also because I'm a coward and I was scared of turntable).

The next switch was to drop a Snare as I would have limited space in hand with my FA pieces and would have other cards I wanted to jam in the remote. I also dropped a preemptive as I was hoping to score as quickly as possible and wanted to use IPO as my terminal card wherever possible to stay up on money. The fast track was a difficult cut but I was hoping my Rashida draw might compensate. I also went with the 2xdata loop and 2x biotic version - again hoping that Rashida would draw me into my FA pieces sooner and get Loop in place on the remote ASAP to enable an Obakata score. I wasn't overly worried about clot as i hadn't seen it for a while so I dropped the CVS too (probably should have kept at least 1). I was one card over and decided to drop a Yagura for reasons I can't remember and still can't justify.

With two extra influence I decided to swap a Gift for a Lateral Growth as I've had games in the past when all I seemed to draw was Gift and agendas and I thought Lateral would help me empty my hand faster after a Rashida draw too. In testing I thought Lateral ended up being the weakest card in the deck and decided to swap it and a DNA for a Fairchild 2.0 offsetting the econ hit whilst still having a taxing code gate for central protection and gaining an extra card slot. I used the spare slot to add in a Sadaka to try and kill any Film Critics / other juicy resource that turned up and/ or deal with an R&D dig.

Finally on the morning of the event I realised that Whispers in Nalubaale was legal and thought there might be a virus or two floating around so I packed my trusty Macrophage dropping an NGO to make room.

Thanks to Johno for running an excellent tournament as usual, my opponents on the day Ray, MotionBlur, Rufus, extrac, and Rotage, and Highwire for the solid deck foundation.

9 May 2018 badbones777

Really like this, thanks for sharing