The Image Less Complete v1.1

dasher 72

Wanted to try Complete Image out of Harishchandra for sh*ts and giggles... tag and go to town.

Amazingly my SEA Sources abandoned me in 2 games, preventing me from landing the combo. But baiting the Runner to hit a triple Prisec-ed server is very satisfying.

Recent changes include dropping one complete image to add a couple of Ark Lockdowns with Stabby Maxx being a thing, as well as some Salem's to hit the Runner's hand even harder.

Latest version has let me Self-Growth Program a Laamb back to the users hand, Salem's it, then Ark Lockdown it out of an afore mentioned Stabby Maxx deck, when playing on jnet. Good times.

The SPGs are actually there to get rid of a Feedback Filter or Caldera should the Runner plop one on the table, but it hasn't happened yet.

Who would have thought that Merger would be a useful card in a deck!

19 Apr 2019 Grimwalker

Why run merger instead of project Beale?

19 Apr 2019 RKruler14

@GrimwalkerThe point of merger is that it is worth 3 points in the runner's score area. Complete image is a blank card until the runner has 3 agenda points and made a run on their last turn. If the runner steals a Beale, they wont meet that at requirement. However, merger, being a 3/2, effectively becomes a 3/3 in the runners score area. This turns complete image on and allows the corp to play complete image on the next turn after the runner steal ANY agenda (Given that the runner doesn't win the game off the steal.) Its actually a pretty clever include over Beale, props to @dasher.

20 Apr 2019 Grimwalker

I see, that's great.