Tag Overload CtM

JDC_Wolfpack 111

Inspired by (and almost card for card) a deck I saw Spags playing on his twitch stream the other day. Only known difference is swapping information overload for Thoth. The logic being it's another piece of ice that gives a tag (without a trace unlike InfoOverload), and it doesn't present the runner a chance to jack out like raven. Second, if you have enough tags to justify rezzing Information overload you may have enough tags to just straight up flat line the runner. Generally the runner will just take the Thoth traces and take 1-2 net and loose a few credits.

The deck's solid and can definitely win when it's back is against a wall. It's comical how people were bemoaning "NBN is dead" when C2BR was announced, but yet it's till got teeth.

ProTip: AR will trigger from any trash, not just installed. If your opponent trashes your assets from deck/hand to avoid CtM tags you get the pleasure of reminding them that AR doesn't care..