Hijacked Router Val (Feat. Hijacked Router). 13th at UK Nats

vinegarymink 419

This is a very standard Val list with a change you may have missed; I included 2 copies of the card Hijacked Router.

Going into this event I was confident about my ability to play against fair Corp decks, but was a little more worried about degenerate combo or prison strategies, particularly Gagarin. To that end I included two copies of this 2 cost hardware. The cuts were Mad Dash and Paperclip. I didn't miss Clip, but the Mad Dash was probably not a good cut.

So in the swiss I played a bunch of fair corps, IDd into the cut and then immediately bombed out before facing anybody that Hijacked Router would be good against. The only thing it did during the event was almost cost me a game vs Saraswati Memeonics, when I thought bankrupting them would stop them firing traps (they had NGO Front.)

What a world

28 Aug 2018 Cliquil

NGO front into traps is the funniest play - my compliments to your opponent who nearly pulled it off.

Also, thank you for trying to hurt Gagarins. Your noble sacrifice is appreciated by the wider meta!

And well done on once again placing very high in a very tough field.