Mystic Geist (Austin GNK winner)

branimated 602

I built this deck in case we had an odd number of players (in which case I would play to prevent anyone having a bye) for the October GNK in the Austin City Grid. It's the result of iterating on Geist (#spookyseason) for some time before eventually throwing my hands in the air and just porting Shizuku 419 into Geist and cutting some things to make room for some trashcans and a Levy.

We ended up having an even number of players, but one of them forgot their decks at home! Fortunately, they were ok with borrowing the ones I brought, and must have figured them out, because they ended up winning the whole thing! I couldn't be happier.

20 Oct 2019 errantmage

Watching this deck come to life and perform was amazing. "Take good stuff 419 and swap 9 cards for trashables" slammed it out, and big ups to Octavia for fading IG kills with spycams!