Missile Season - (4th Reading SC)

Quarg 255

This deck brought me to 4th place at the Reading store championship, with a total of 4 wins and 3 losses, alongside my Smoke deck.

Though a decent list, I would expect that if you know how to play something like CTM properly, you are far better off with that.

Build Notes

This is pretty mostly what I would expect out of a Blue Sun deck, even if it's not exactly the same as other people's lists.

  • Ark Lockdown - Probably the most questionable card in this deck, this can sometimes allow you to pull out stupid wins where a runner discards their Paperclip, it can also be used when you clear an Employee Strike to stop them pulling it back with Same Old Thing.

  • Best Defense - Don't take this out. Seriously. I nearly did, but it enables you to trash Plascretes, and it turns out trashing 0-cost cards can be useful too... as I discovered on the day.

  • Bulwark - I want to love this card, but it honestly did nothing for me on the day, it probably would have been better just as another Curtain Wall.

  • Sapper - It's no Snek, but it's not too bad. Probably would be better as Sneks.

  • Mother Goddess - It turns out some runners don't have AI breakers, which can sometimes let you rush out by chaining Atlases, while hoping they don't get too many agendas out of centrals.

  • Oversight AI - I really wish I'd had more good targets for it, perhaps upgrading an Enigma or Mausolus to another Orion or something like that, as all too often, I would have an Oversight in hand, with no good targets for it.


  • Fisk - Win - They recurred investment seminars (I think they played it 4 times in 5 turns), and successfully flooded me with agendas (along with the kill package) without giving me a Jackson, so I dumped a pair in the bin to use Preemptive Action on next turn, but they nabbed them... and then they exploded.

  • Sunny - Win - Their start was thoroughly hampered by a turn 1 Scarcity. Eventually they started piling people into an Off Campus Appartment, so I recycled Best Defence and crashed the party, at which point they conceded.

  • Whizz - Loss - I kinda forgot about how this game went until reading Cathy's write up for this game, I managed to jam out 3 2-point agendas, with an atlas counter (though not without some losses too), unfortunately I ended up confused at having only 1 card in hand, and assumed (incorrectly, based on the game's recording) I shuffled some of my hand into R&D with Consulting Visit, which earned me a game loss.

  • Andy - Win - Another turn 1 scarcity slowed andy down, letting me get the economic lead and get to 4 points, at which point I Atlas'd a Food, which they had no choice but to contest... and then they exploded.

  • Valencia - Loss - Some shaky draws left me trying to score from behind an oversighted Spider Web, but dispite me managing to pile 4 ice on R&D, they trashed it all with En Passant and Spooned while I had an Oaktown on the table, which left me with the choice of scoring the Oaktown and hoping the double medium wouldn't pay out, or drawing for a second ice to chuck on R&D to deal with DDoS, I gambled on drawing an ice, and lost, leddtting them dig out more agendas, and steal the Oaktown.

The Cut

  • Whizz - Win - A good start for me earned me the economic lead, which lead to a successful midseasons, after which I shuffled the Best Defence back in, trashed their plascrete... and then they exploded.

  • Whizz - Loss - I saw no Consulting Visits, and only 1 piece of ice (it was Bulwark...) for ages, which let them get to 6 points fairly quickly, at which point I really didn't have an out other than a stupid big remote server, and unsurprisingly I lost before I could do so, eliminating me from the tournament.