Lo siento mucho. (Invicta Spanish Nats 2022)

pspacekitten 179

First and foremost, I am very sorry to have gone unbeaten with this abomination at Spanish Nationals. I feel terrible to have won against Hoshipko, Control 419, Metabreaker Wu and ApocoLat; and I want to apologise to everyone that has to face this absolute beast of a deck, ‘cause you won’t stand a chance.

Is it too late to say sorry?

I can already hear you: “Why did you play this if you’re gonna be so sorry about it?”

Well, it all started when @Tugtetgut wouldn't shut up about how this is the best deck. And when the current European Champion names a decklist “Invicta R+ (Primera en Nacional España)” you have to at least try it out! After 3 games on jnet I was convinced and the rest is herstory.

Thank you for the deck, the testing and being so encouraging!

Thanks to @percomis for conceding the tie-breaker for me to get in the top (still need to play this one out) and the rest of the NWE for being so welcoming and supportive.

4 Oct 2022 MissPanic

I am in awe of this deck. I was also playing R+ but this one is just classier and has more depth to it. Ofc it needs a better player than myself to play it. Thank you for all your support in playing this game, you deserved every victory. 🧡🧡🧡

4 Oct 2022 percomis

Well played, was a blast watching runners struggle against you on this deck until they got a rocket to the face.

4 Oct 2022 CaptainMark

Hopefully I won't ever face this! Outstanding performance, congratulations! Very proud :)

4 Oct 2022 yluras

Took every chance to not play vs this!!

4 Oct 2022 valerian32

Lo probaré en casa y veré si se puede hacer algo contra esta wea. Pero creo que salvo un credit denial super duro no hay ná que hacer.

5 Oct 2022 Two_EG

So now they will ban Restore and keep Drago to create more DYNAMIC AND INTERESTING GAMES. Hah.

5 Oct 2022 Council

Pienso que to jest bardzo peligroso.

Congratulacje dla el éxito!

8 Oct 2022 meta4

@Two_EG for real... I don't know why it's taking so long to ban Boat and Drago. Did it take this long to ban Cayambe? I don't remember. I swear I see boat in 80% of games as corp, and Drago in maybe 50% as runner. So tired of it

10 Oct 2022 percomis

@meta4the first paragraph of the ban list article has the answer to half of your question and you can extrapolate on Drago from that: nullsignal.games