GRNDLICIOUS - The Charity Gift II Experiment

ichigokuto 76

I dont think youre ready for this jelly.

Tried a couple of things... and then realised the only thing I could make viable out of modern GRNDL in temujin-cash-land was to go total bastard... absolute douche... managed 3/5 wins on the day...

So how do you pilot this. Try and get posted bounty, or fast track into it. Ice a remote and get it scored. Then get jackson, powershutdown and AD in hand. (6 creds needed) wait til they run... next turn put out jackson Powershutdown everything Pull back and AD 24/7, big brother, boom

(If you need to do more meat, put jackson out, try and get 2 AD and powershutdown in hand. click 1 PS, Jackson click 2 AD for 24/7, BB and interns (Pull jackson back and pop for money BOOM BOOM) click 3 AD money BOOM BOOM

NACH? Lizzy Mills. If you dont hit a posted bounty, try and atlas behind mother goddess for pieces.

20 Nov 2016 ichigokuto

@FarCryFromHuman not a bad idea. had crossed my mind but was relying on scoring hostiles to get rid of currents.