Val - 21@worlds - "In the bin!"

Inermis 699

6-2 at words.

Day 1 Win Scorpios (#172) - I have 3x each breaker :)
Lost to CI (#2 CritHitd20) - I did not draw for Spoofing eager enough.
Lost to PU (#15 thebigunit3000) - 3x Kakugo in turn 2 and Rebirth in last 5 cards.
Win CI (#89) - Mopus against HHN / Boom.
Win Gagarin (#65) - 3x Indexing + Mad Dash
Win CTM (#92) - Opus + Bad Pub do the trick

Day 2
Win CI (#36) - 3x Spoofing on the table. Maw + Omar to run HQ each turn.
Win Agin (#12 Heinzel) - Celebrity Gift showed 2 Nisei in HQ and Yagura/Excalibur. I run through Yagura to get the 2x Nisei in turn 1.

6 Nov 2017 rwknoll

So who were your most popular Rebirth targets? I know Val was really popular among the top 16, I'm just trying to understand what their game plan was.

7 Nov 2017 Inermis

I rebirth into Omar each single time. Especially against mythic CI ice Omar is only counter to get accesses in this deck.

8 Nov 2017 voo

Why is Val relevant for the deck? You don't seem to run any cards that exploit bad publicity.

8 Nov 2017 Inermis

Val is important for asset spam - ctm or gagarin. Also minning accident is.

Heap breakers are also expensive so it helps to have Bad Pubs.

Also you can use street peeler to install something paying from BP during the run.