Good Old Palana

iref 183

My corp deck for monthly Brno GNK is also shoutout to the past. Going to the tournament, I knew that deep dive and light to fire are quite strong. I figure out that if I want to have a good chance with rushy deck, I have to make both difficult to use or ideally unusable, so Spike-ish Palana was a choice. Kakugo, Snare, Obos and Anemone give you enough chances to hit Deep Dives or other important runner cards. Border Control, Nisei and LaCosta don't care if runner adds fuel to the fire and Bio Vault is generally useful. Overall, just good old-fashioned Palana deck.

Deck went 2-1. Beating deep dive/stargate Kabonesa in 60 minute grind and countersurveillance Zahya that drew quite badly. The only loss was against Maw Hoshiko after I made mistake of not putting second ice on HQ, mistake probably just shorten my suffering.