Threat Level Midnight 0.1

N0R5E 295

This deck tries to lock out the runner with a combination of Kala Ghoda Real TV + Threat Assessment/Owl. Target their fracter and they'll be locked out of your remotes. 1 layer of barrier ice on each remote to utilize Acme's ability and activate Fully Operational. If they don't take the bait and opt for 2 tags, hit them with BOOM! Use Kala Ghoda to look for more icebreakers and trash them. Blacklist will make sure their fracter stays in the heap, especially effective when it's also behind a barrier.

This isn't refined yet, but I think the lock-out or boom combo works. Fully operational acme may not be the right chassis for it.

26 May 2019 N0R5E

I'm playing around with two new variations, one looks like this and swaps Jua in for Owl. The other swaps in Rototurret instead and adds Jeeves (influence free), but drops the threat assessment combo.