CI Hasty (Barcelona "Grumpy Shop" Store Winner)

CaptainMark 181

This is the corp deck with which I won the Store Championship in "Grumpy Shop", Barcelona.

Thanks to the team UK for playing something like this while I was struggling trying to find a corp deck able to beat today runners, and one of my mates for, before I saw them playing, pointing out that CI was a very good option for the actual meta.

Although he was referring to the combo version, I was afraid this was not enough (probably wrong). I wanted something that could play good the currents war, and, if not able to pull one, score immediately to trash one. This was, in fact, a key factor in two of my wins, being able to pull Targeted Marketing 3 times (2 from hand and archived the third) over the 3 Employee Strike that my rival was recurring with Déjà Vu.

I won against 2 Kim, one of them both in swiss and top, which was unexpected and hard to deal. I choose this deck because you don't "need" to rely on ice a lot, as the agendas are hidden under a lot of cards in HQ (false security sensation, but well...), but Kim is a real problem, as he can trash your combo pieces. So, the ice was needed here. Fortunately I was able to won both matches.

The next two swiss games were ID, and then I played the deck on finals against DLR Andy. Apparently an anti-Netrunner matchup, as both decks are non-interactive... But it was a blast. The last turns were brutal, and finally my rival, probably the best player here, milled me with blacklist online. One more card in RD and I have won the game (mate, I know what you think, but you know I have to say it XD).

In the end, very nice option to play on this Store season!

30 Jan 2017 wamadeus

Congrats Marc! Confirming your essence of Top Netrunner player... "Boss in the Catalan Meta"

30 Jan 2017 CaptainMark

Hahahaha. Long way to go to be a Top Netrunner player.

Thanks anyway :)