Biased Reporting is an Awesome Card (Derby Regional)

SubTric 432

An old deck that I dug out and did some testing on Jnet with this week to great effect, winning the vast majority of games by a clear mile. I felt super confident with it so took it to the regional today... and it went 1-3. Apparently good on Jnet does not = good at a regional ;)

In essence this is a very rich glacier deck that forces very taxing runs and takes advantage of Excalibur no longer being restricted to lock the scoring remote via Bio Dome. This archetype has been seen before, so nothing particulate new to report. The include of a 1-of Aggressive Secretary is very useful to keep Laamb Surfer Wu feeling honest and Biased Reporting is probably the start of the show, doing a serious amount of work in the current meta with many decks running Rezeki and a full set of breakers or a huge line of resources.

I'd prob swap an IPO for a 3rd one. The last amount of money this deck usually has in the early game (I went to 30+ credits in every game today) makes it look like you're playing HHN and some nasty combos, which in itself can open a window to score an early 5/3. Also, Degree Mill continues to be just an awesome agenda.

Despite it not doing great in swiss today, I still think this build type remains a really strong deck overall.