Skunkworks supremacy (1st and undefeated at irish nats)

AugustusCaesar 1100

I will be only a bit sad when Keeling eventually eats a ban in the next SBL announcement, but until then, I will keep working tirelessly to make sure the deck is as unbeatable as possible. In a decklist as tight as this one, there are only a couple of slots that are in contention:


This is the big debate, Manegarm Skunkworks and Cold Site Server are the exact same inf cost, and are both great, but you can only fit one in, so which should it be. After being on CSS for most of the decks lifecycle, I am not pretty firmly on the Skunkworks camp, though there are plenty of nuances.

The most important advantage of skunkworks is that it is set and forget. Once you have your skunkvoid server set up, you can spend all your resources after that on keeping your anoetic void well fed and making sure you dont bleed centrals.

On the css side, the advantage is that you can get into situations where you beat runners that have infinite credits. My preffered solution to runners with dumb amounts of credits is to build a expensive remote with 3 pieces of ice. This might admittedly be harder for the subliminal messaging list, since it can run out of money, ill make my argument for Regolith in that slot later.

Something that can be very impressive from css is that it can sometimes establish a lock without anoetic. If you have enough unrezzed ice in the remote, you can click css 3 times and then use unrezzed ice to end the run after the runner spent all their clicks and credits on it. In practice, you tend to run out of ice with this line and will eventually be in situation where you have to install new unrezzed ice and click cold site twice, at which point the runner can run the remote for 3 clicks and if you use the ag ability they can pinhole you.

A subtle but very compelling argument to me is that a single css click guarantees a bran fire, which is something that can be incredibly useful (runners will almost always click through brann and then pay 5 for skunkworks, but that is muddled by the fact that the line of clickling brann looses very hard to the facedown being anoetic). I, however, think that you can amplify your brann in different ways that dont require css, I almost always place brann second in a remote, at which point clicking through a brann with unrezzed ice behind it is suicide for any runner, with or without a css.


My early lists were on just 1 Fujii, and i've been 100% converted to the fujii side. It might not be Obokata levels of busted, but it is still an incredibly threatening agenda that messes with runner plans by just existing. And Send a Message is pretty mediocre too, I have genuinely considered going back to Longevity Serum, since a loaded up skunkvoid server can just as easily be used to score out, specially in time pressure situations, but also in games where your Keelings are burried.


The deck is still real poor, but I am still not a fan of Subliminal Messaging, Regolith is just so much more consistent money that gives you much better routes to have both centrals and the remote well iced rather than have to jam a keeling with 0 central ice and hope to not loose to accesses. Granted, that is usually a bet in your favour, but it is much much more in your favor if the runner has to pay 3 to get into rnd (see next point)


Saisentan is great multipurpose ice. it lets you comfortably put 1 of each icetype in the remote if the runner is struggling to find breakers (walking through an anansi on the remote is something people can get away with once or twice, walking through a saisentan is a death sentence.

More importantly, it is the ice I am most happy to have in central servers, Anansi is great, but also a great investment, bouncing back from a saisentan rez is very easy and it does incredible work in centrals. A 3 credit tax for running rnd is often all you need to make it a loosing fight for the runner.

I do also like the endgame flatlining opportunities of anemone, I would want to sneak in a second copy if i could, probably instead of the sadaka.