Always Wanted to be a Gangster: 5-0 1st Austin Regionals '19

errantmage 336

Snare good yo

Sometimes you win games off of Snare. Sometimes it's in HQ, sometimes R&D, sometimes the remote. The tag isn't nothing, either, especially if it's behind a Data Raven.

With the regionals looming, I was torn on what to play. I tried both Titan and Jinja Sports in testing, but neither really led anywhere. So instead I called up some birds, a few "friends", and brought the good stuff. This is basically the list I used in Waco, with a single Mausolus swapped for Afshar. I don't know if it mattered.

This deck definitely did its job at the Austin Regionals. It played 5 games, and won every one, killing Wu (Snare! + Prisec), Apoc 419 (HPT plus some lucky Ice Walls), Edward Kim (HTP), and Apex (HPT), and counting to 7 against Apex with Audacity. HHN is the only real corp win-con we have left, but it still works, and it works best when you're rich as -- well, the mob itself. (Some number of the HPT kills were also partially due to Snare! tags -- it definitely paid it weight in gold.)

As always, thanks to Dragon's Lair and Jason for putting the regional on. It was a blast!

24 Jun 2019 Saan

Wow, 2 Apex? That's a rough field

24 Jun 2019 errantmage

It was actually the same Apex twice, once in Swiss and once in the cut. It turns out it's shockingly hard to kill Apex once Heartbeat is on the table, which actually carried the deck a long way through the current tag-and-bag meta.