Mayhem and murder for fun and profit

CephalopodWizard 277

A large pile of bad publicity tribal in a Hard-Hitting News kill shell. Too Big To Fail demands the runner respect your early game, and gigantic ice like Bulwark can still manage to be an economic tax despite 5 bad publicity. The height of fun is the Broad Daylight agenda. Should the runner ever run low on cards, a scored Broad Daylight allows you to Install, Advance, Deal 2 meat damage. It can be a tall order for a runner to draw 4 cards and challenge your remote. Obviously this deck does not want a drawn-out late game. If the opponent isn't criminal, you don't even bother to ice HQ. Don't put to much stock in the future, jam agendas aggressively! We are however having an IPO for some other people to buy our stock before the value tanks.