Silent Symphony no. 2 - 1st Bar-Helion [SU]

x3r0h0ur 8877

3-1 on the day. General run efficiency build the flies low to the ground in econ early for easy setup, but can accelerate quickly. Lost due to bad play on my part knowing a kill combo was out there..and ignoring it. Should have waited for NFL before going ham.

Has a little bit of redundancy for Ob hafrun+stavka combo, particularly with backstitching, shutting it off entirely, and double revolver gives a little backup too.

Hush is tech for PE (anemones) and all NBN ice and played some pretty significant roles on the day. Hyperbaric is for Vampyrnassa, tollbooth and Mestnichestvo, all likely to be seen on the day. Its a little slow to set up, but you always want cezve down to make runs anyway.

Tunnel vision actually pulled it's weight quite a bit with early game pressure being crucial to getting the whole thing off the ground, and it provides redundancy against Ob and random retributions. Happy with all choices really.

I think I'd try to fit a t400 to fit all the software and offset zenith, but it might not be crucial. With careful play you could go to 1 or 2 tunnels and 1 of each breaker, and fit pinhole threading or upgrade tele to Liberated and fit in career fairs, but all of that is slow and less rushy. Don't think I installed the earthrise all day, that could be a lot of other stuff.

26 Feb 2023 Sarmatian

I'm still have Tunnel Vision!!! WTF?!?

26 Feb 2023 Space Cowboy

DZMZ for memory perhaps? Maybe swap for one of the Nukas.

27 Feb 2023 x3r0h0ur

Needs all the draw it has I think. DZMZ doesn't solve the reduced hand size. Money is fine, I think T400 is strictly better. I wonder if getting good and doing 1 of each breaker, 2 Tunnel vision, and 1 T400 is a better set of changes....