Forever Young - 4-1 at Bologna Regional

sengir80 47

Very streamlined list. Hard mulligan for money and draw, with 45 cards Apoc will show up soon. Turntable in order to exchange some points after apoc when accessing archives, I never used it, a third stimhack may worth its original spot. Be patient, land Apoc at the correct time, it's a limited fuel deck, when you run out of money it's almost over.

This deck bring me at 3rd place in swiss - 7th in the cut, performing a 4-1 result. I beat TheOutfit, Saraswati, Palana and Azmari with it.

Lose only to Tzadek's Jinja-Sports in the cut, I apoc'd him, stole 6 points with two good placed Stimhacks, but then I had no chance to contest its new built remote, R&D and archives were well defended too so GGWP.