Not Quite Zen (Reading JNK)

Quarg 273

This is the runner deck that I took to the Reading jank tournament.

99 cards. 42 non-programs, 57 programs. 67 influence ignored. (MWL included)

Basically, I took a whole pile of good programs, and threw them all in one deck, added a ton of draw and tutoring, and hoped.

Not particularly special, but pretty fun to play; even if sometimes when you do actually know what you want, you may struggle to find it.

Worked ok, but was quite unsurprisingly inconsistent.

It was pretty hilarious when the JNK campaign stuff came into play, letting me tutor a card at the start of each game... which resulted in two turn one Rebirths into Kate, which was just plain silly.

Ignore the fact this says it's not legal with MWL 1.2, I think NRDB currently doesn't consider The Professor to negate MWL Universal influence pips.