Mutti doesn't allow me to play with bullets(20th at nats)5-2

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This is the Sunny, that almost carried me into my first Top Cut ever(one point short due to bad piloting of a good Asa deck, five guys of my Team #weggegletschert also played)

This is mostly my pre MWL 2.2. build that I tested a lot in the last Months. But as soon as the news of the leaked MWL hit, I played Inject Clone Chip Sunny for the last couple weeks straight. One day before Nationals I woke up in sweats thinking about all those Ark Lockdown and Navi Mumbai City Grid floating around as Hayley and Maxx hate and unsleeved all those cool and spicy cards and went whith my old boring good cards build. Last minute changes then where dropping all silver bullets in No One Home Political Operative and Shadownet for the two Peace in our time

The Games:

Round 1

against Yannick S. qvm Aginfusion: Win, unfortunatelly not remembering anything. I probably was still asleep as my alarm went off at 2:30am that night to catch my flight.

Round 2

against Oguz lostgeek on CTM: Win, i get total control of the board early trashing assets left and right and R&D acesses behind a single turnpike. Quick 4 points on my side but he manages to score all three Ares somehow and installs an MVT on R&D, HQ and in the remote. I can't contest the bankers anymore and start getting turningwheel counters for one deep dig. I see 6 cards but only 1 Beale. He traces with amani senai for 14 crdits plus CTM ID trace for the same. So i am stuck with 4 tags. Only out is to run HQ and Maxwell his Remote enigma to find a GFI in the remote. Crazy good game.

Round 3

against Felix K. On CTM: Loss, same as before. He scores two Ares but i get three drip really early. But somehow i am happily checking remotes, just to see a MVT on click 3. Tag stays. 2 drips are gone and GFI gets Exchanged and i think there was a Market Forces in there as well. Couldn't get back from those mistakes.

Round 4

against Pieter P. FREDPI on Mti: WIN, the matchup i was most scared about i drew thru 49 cards to find my beloved single GS Shrike M2. I was so scared of anansi and cortex lock, that I only ran with nexus and/or employee strike out and used white hat just to check if there are anansi around. So I got crazy drip early and stole niseis and obokatas, while running thru my deck, just to learn afterwards he didn't even slotted anansi

Round 5

against Oliver s. Pinsel on Sportsmetal combo: Loss, I knew what was coming and trashed Calibration Testings, Breaker Bay Grids, Arellas and Team Sponsorships. But then somehow found 4 Agendas in one turn leaving me with 6 points just to activate his combo. Well played Pinsel and deserved Nationals Champ. Congrats.

Round 6

against Matthias N. on Sportsmetal rush: Win, the peace in our times here did hurt the most, but where necessary to build up my whole rig in just a couple of turns. Well timed White Hat/Black Hat did the rest.

Round 7

against Tim G. On Mti FA: Win, GS Shrike M2 and Employee strike in starting hand leave me with no fear at all. I steal medical breakthru 2 and 3 after he scored the first one and employee strike was out basically the whole game. He can't win after that against my drip and pressure.

Card choices:

Draw Package.

Deuces Wild, Build Script, Diesel, Office Supplies will get thru your deck fast enough for this rush meat right now so most influence in a sunny build has to go there in my opinion.


With that much draw you need to install alot quickly.

Career Fair and An Modded do that in Sure Gamble value. I really like modded over credit kiting and emergant creativity. Your influence is better spent otherwise.

Peace in our time is tricky and was the latest include. Most friends told me not to play it, but i didn't regret having it. Turn one: Peace in our time, Nexus, Career Fair/Earthrise, Daily Cast is not unusual. Sounds good right? You can have your 5 bucks, go rez that Dna Tracker.

Stimhack is just plain bonkers. It came in to combo out with the Inject/Clone Chip plan but stayed nonetheless. Now i am sure, every runner deck, that has an influence spare, must have 3 stimhacks already.


Maxwell James: note that this tournament was MWL2.2. but the official Errata came too late. We still used Maxwell the old way.

Cards left out:

No further multiacess. The turning Wheel is strong enough. This sunny deck never wins in the first 4 Turns. But it starts to lock with nexus in turn 5-9 and every game beyond turn 10 she only looses due to mistakes on your side. Turning Wheel is all you need. If i spend 4 influence for a single DDM i have less influence to draw it and the deck gets more luckbased again.

No One Home: is great against Mti on cortex loxk and anansi and HHN. But it could be a dead card in other matchups. Peace in our time helps against HHN traces and to set up your economy a lot. If peace in our time is a dead card in hand you are probably already ahead.

Political Operative: allways a good card but without recoco CI you can drop it. The single uninspected interdiction often is good eneough against Ash or navi mumbai in case you want to use maxwell.

Shadownet: the only one i really missed. I scored four 15 minutes in both CTM games combined and the two meridians wheren't even in the Pinsel loss where i probably could have won, if i saw a shadownet. I really didn't expect that much sportsmetal combo with all those hayleys around

All in all I really enjoyed my time at Nats with some great guys in the best community and am proud, that i didn't betrayed my „Mutti“ by bringing a netdecked Runner. This was my biggest tournament so far and a nice ending for me as i walk happy in to the sunny-shine...

...still in total fear, if NISEI can keep the game a live, because i am so not done with this game.

4 Sep 2018 PeterPan
4 Sep 2018 Aerosaucer

Always glad to see a Sunny do well. Good ideas here! Once Maxwell's errata is in effect, I think it's still worth the inf and slots as 1 cred link that can occasionally emergency shutdown a DNA Tracker, but it does leave a big hole in the deck against early remotes and rush. What do you think you'd need to do to adapt this deck?

I'm still not a big fan of data folding, but it's not bad with 3x career fair.

So the big question: would this same deck be better in another faction? You aren't really using any of Sunny's cards but nexus, so the 1 extra starting link seems weak when you could have a full-on card ability instead, and take advantage of better draw cards, tutors, breakers, and other tools. I mean, you spend 6 inf to draw as many cards as 3 injects do. Then, having a 45 card deck and 3x I've Had Worse puts you on pretty much the same footing draw-wise, but for fewer clicks. Dump Data Folding and Peace for Liberated, have cheaper breakers to mostly make up for losing Modded, plus you get Reina or Ed's ability and can play the Archivist, DDoS, Street Peddlers, which would all be nice in this deck.