Boat freedom 2-2 in finnish async tournament

aksu 130

My version of boat freedom deck.

Lessons learned:

  • Freedom needs to be faster to stay in the game against the meta game. Probably should include stuff like moshing and gatchapon.
  • Twinning was too slow/ cumbersome in almost every game. I think it got installed only in one game against AxWill. My original thought was that stargate would be too memory cumbersome when running stuff like yusuf (And Memory issues where a large problem in my knockerbike freedom).
  • Hunting grounds and NFL where mostly useless during this tournament. But I think including them was not too big of mistake when aginfusion prison and R+ where big players in worlds.
  • Light the fire is a kinda bad card against almost every deck. Just play pinhole threading if you want to tech against managarm+void.
  • Taka is almost always killing itself or paying 3c to boost mkU/Borchestra during a empty run just to burn credits. Including more of event package and changing taka to maemi would be probably better.
  • Make shure there are no Mavirus in the heap before losing 15 virus counters to score 1 megaprix qualifier and loose the game almost at the spot :(

Still super happy with my performance and thanks to everyone from Finland who took part in the tournament.

9 Nov 2022 Buppu2099

Thanks for publishing the list. Great to see what is under the hood of this beast. It was a frightening experience to see this going on all cylinders and demolish my Azmari deck. Good stuff.