Take 2, Friends (1st, MultiZone SC, 17-01-14)

lopert 1618

Tournament Data

3-1 in swiss, and 1-1 in top4 elim. (Loss was due to missing GFI).

14 player Ottawa Region Store Championship.
Non-tap Andy, Smoke, Sifr Whizz (Loss), Sifr Val.
Smoke (Loss, missing GFI), Rude Val.

Full disclosure:
2 Whizzards made top4, but then had to leave and so forfeited their spot in the cut.
The one Whizz I played against was brutal, so not having to face them again was very helpful.


Mod on Spags' friendcoats.
This was the first time I was playing HB in a tournament, so mods could be awful.

-1 Turing, +1 FC3 - FC3 just seems better.
-2 Eve, +2 AAL - Eve seems real slow, and AAL can stuff Temujin.
-1 CVS, +1 Macrophage - Wanted to test this new ice, never rezzed it.
-2 Sandburg, +1 Jeeves, +1 Ark - Maybe I am playing this too fast, but I never have enough money to make Sandburg worth anything. Jeeves for cheeky plays and Ark for parasite / sifr. Never used either of them.