Sneaky Tao (Startup)

ClosDeLaRoche 700

This is a fun, powerful, straightforward Startup deck. It has a handful of key strengths.

*With most cards being 3x in a 40-card deck, you can expect extraordinary consistency and excellent opening hands. Ideally your opening hand contains Pro Co, Boomerang, Gamble or Commission, DZMZ and a Rezeki. But seeing Diesel, Overclock + SMC, and Daily Casts is good too.

*The deck rushes out the gate with 15 tempo-positive events supported by strong turn-one installs like Rezeki and Pro Co. You'll have plenty of gas to control the board against assets. Additionally, 3x Boomerang and SMC + Overclock means you can contest scoring remotes early.

*Notice that corps never ice archives against Tao? Sneakdoor Beta punishes the corp hard for this decision. Install Sneakdoor at the right time, which is mid-game when you have a couple DZMZ's down, and hammer HQ three times. Almost every time I've installed Sneakdoor at an opportune moment I've snagged an agenda.

*After the corp spends resources installing and rezzing ice on archives, get your Conduit down and hammer R&D. The corp can't protect Archives, R&D, HQ, AND the scoring remote. The deck has the tools to create an opening through one of these lanes. Pick your lane, move the weakest ice on that lane and run.

*A word of warning: WATCH OUT for Public Trail and Retribution! Even Rototurret is a major threat. Run with caution against rig-shooter! Although if you do lose a breaker Boomerang can save your bacon.

Cheers and enjoy the deck, -Clos

8 Jun 2021 FreqKing

Elegant in how straightforward it is.