Palanarama – 5th Place Net Quarantine

Möbius Striptease 191

This is a fun and extremely flexible Palana Foods deck with a little bit of everything, but the basic plan is to score an Obokata in a remote protected by Data Loop or something big they can't break, like DNA Tracker or Anansi. Once that's accomplished it's a fairly simple matter to defend and score out by fast advancing the Project Yagi-Udas and the Philotic.

It has flex, though, and can get a surprise kill with Punitive, especially if they pull a Bacterial Programing without enough cards in their hand, and if you do have a chance to score a Yagi-Uda with a counter on it (and it doesn't cost you too much in tempo), it can be the nail in the coffin.

Took me into the cut of the Net Quarantine tournament but was undone by a relentlessly taxing 419:

Resource draining shenanigans slowed me way down, but I managed to get to five points and the Runner deck down to five cards and had a card-taxing ice on every server and an Obokata in hand, so I just needed to survive a two-access run on HQ in the final round and I could have scored out in safety. Alas, 419 snuck in and snagged it