Elsevier Palana - 1st in NISEI online tournament

cableCarnage 1588

how the runner feels

This is the corp I took to the latest NISEI Online Standard tournament. As it was the first tournament where I could use the Uprising Booster cards, I decided to play decks that used as many of the new cards as possible.

This deck is heavily inspired by @ogrillion's Palana that I kept losing to at Enschede Regionals which is mostly copy of @CodeMarvelous' Banana Bread. The addition from uprising is 2 copies each of La Costa Grid and Digital Rights Management aka DRM. The deck is not fundamentally altered and still plays like a taxing glacier deck. A bit more about card choices:

Nisei MK II and Obokata Protocol - The core agendas.

SSL Endorsement - I don't like psy games but this could reasonable be The Future Perfect or even Bacterial Programming.

Philotic Entanglement - Just a 3/2 to round out the agenda points. With La Costa around this could also be Corporate Sales Team or even Timely Public Release.

Breached Dome - Mostly there as safety to avoid virus farming on archives for Aumakua/Knobkerie. In retrospect this would be better as a Cyberdex Virus Suite.

DRM - Plan A for the deck is to score 2 Niseis followed by an Obokata (or SSL). This card makes this plan much more likely. The advantage over Fast Track is that you save a turn when scoring 5/3s. Not sure you need 2 but it felt like a great use of influence.

Preemptive Action - I played 2 but you probably only need 1.

Bio Vault - Decent end the run upgrade, better with La Costa, still didn't feel amazing.

La Costa - Force the runner to play NGO or Nisei. The main purpose is to drag the runner through the remote and make them spend an extra 4 credits.

IP Block - Cheap, credit taxing barrier that hates on AI for 1 influence? I'll take 2.

Slot Machine - Cheap, credit taxing code gate that hates on Ice Destruction for 1 influence? I'll take 2.

Border Control and Excalibur - Slightly cheesy but these 2 together can create an unassailable remote unless the runner is on AIs. And the deck has IP Block for that.

DNA Tracker - Anansi number 4. Not sure the deck needs 4 Anansis though.

I would like to thank NISEI for organising this tournament and all my opponents for the fun matches we played. Always be running.

24 Sep 2019 Jinsei

Very interesting - why 2Cgifts and 3IPOs over the reverse? I usually think playing multiple Celebrities after one another is less bad than playing a single one.

Loopless loop Palana is p interesting.

Congrats on the win!

28 Sep 2019 ogrillion

Congrats on the win! It must feel much better to be on the other side of this deck. What was it's record for the tourney? Any tougher matchups?