Janksgiving Champion 2023

bblum 4789

I made this so I could use the promo ID I got at PAX.

a cheapo plastic trophy with az mcaffrey taped onto the front of it, with "JANKSGIVING CHAMPION 2023" scrawled across him in sharpie

I was surprised there weren't any recent decklists for him so this is kind of just a pile, but he turned out to be pretty fun. Went 2-1 which was enough to take down our CO (it helped that I got to corp twice in the cut).

Oh, and this is not, itself, a janksgiving list, since some locals asked. Those have like 30 influence and are not standard legal.

9 Jan 2024 coldlava

Wait did you use the trophy as your ID? That's great!

3 Apr 2024 wilkinsonwilfrid

Do you remember if you used the prize as your identification? That's outstanding! gorilla) tag