boring stealth deck

themeanlady 342

Turns out temujin in a 40 card deck is pretty ok

Drop aaron for another nach, and do something with the extra influence. Don't index/mad dash when you forget about the Jackson on the board lol. Crush moons/FA and become unkillable with critics/nach. Laugh when they purge for the 4th time. Cry when you face IG :( if that's a huge concern maybe jam a net shield in there to buy you some time (feedback is too expensive). It's a straightforward and consistent deck that won't let you down.

Ended 4th in the CO 2017 Regional!

20 Jul 2017 Feed

Corroder with the extra 2inf maybe?

24 Jul 2017 themeanlady

@FeedI thought about it, but I always thought it was better to have the consistency of 2 blackstone. It's worth trying though.

31 Jul 2017 partialcharge

Thanks for sharing! This looks like good, clean netrunning.

I see how hard the deck wants to lean on Indexing into Mad Dash, but what do you think about -1 Indexing +1 Legwork with the suggested influence-freeing swap? Maybe drop something else instead?