One last shot at CBI (2-1 at Avoiding Sunburn CO)

Dudeydude 80

This deck was made from people trashing me on Jnet.

I noticed some big names I've seen on NRDB playing a similar deck, in Asa or PD. So I thought I'd build my own

The general consensus is go pretty quick pushing Rashida and jamming hopefully an ADT for tempo or Offworld for cash. The runner will have a hard time contesting the somewhat big ice in this deck, and Skunkvoid lockout. Vovo has proved to be a great card for screwing with runner math and timing when they think they can contest your massive remote

Leading up to the 'Avoiding Sunburn CO' I was glued to Jnet. Trying to get plenty of practice in before this final chance at the 2023 Circuit Breaker Invitational.

Long story short, I got my invite, and this deck carried me through (along with the Ghostongue Lat) I made top cut (3 Peeps) and the other two already had invites so I was certainly a happy chap.

I went 2-1 with this deck and 3-0 with the Lat, finally losing the cut game as Lat.

A few little throws in the cut games showed that even with 'good' decks it is the pilot and there were some mistakes I'd made which could've pushed me to 2nd or 1st but that's Netrunner baby! And I got my invite <3

31 Dec 2023 maninthemoon

Big Congrats <3 I love seeing ADT getting played. I'm glad the Lat worked out for you!! I'll see you in the CBI :)

31 Dec 2023 HaverOfFun

Awesome stuff mate! Great to see your hard work paying off and I can't wait to maybe face ya in the big one!

31 Dec 2023 Dudeydude

Aw thanks legends. See you at the big one ❤️