Worldender revisited (GNK winner)

Longi 1645

Basically the Worldender deck played by @Bridgeman at Euro and African Continentals.


Winner of minitournament Ogólnopolska Liga Netrunnera - S02 E10 (6 players)

For this event I only changed the Aesop for two more Deuces Wild since I expected a lot of yellow corps. The deck went 3:0 defeating CtM, CtM and Acme.


Winner of GNK in Brno (8 players)

Heeding the advice of @Bridgemen I put Aesop back, removing two Deuces Wild. I also removed the third Stargate and put one Wildcat strike for testing. Sadly, these chances did no good to the 3-of-everything elegance that @Rotage so liked :(

21 Sep 2021 Bridgeman

Automatic like for the shoutout ;)

Love seeing the deck around!

21 Sep 2021 Longi

@Bridgeman Yeah, I love the speed of this beast. Would you suggest any improvements to keep up better pace with glaciers like Acme?

21 Sep 2021 Bridgeman

Acme is really the only glacier i´ve faced that has presented problems so far. I wouldnt go out of my way to try to beat it since it is still kind of rare to see it and the matchup is actually pretty even with good play IMO. But if you want to hate on it a bit adding a hippo might be the best choice to make it so you dont have to go through a piece of ice twice when getting rid of the crisiums.

21 Sep 2021 Bridgeman

Ok actually I guess more people are playing it than I thought, I´ve been kind of unplugged for the last two weeks. But my comment above still stands :)

21 Sep 2021 Longi

@Bridgeman Yeah, the Acme kind if became a deck to beat. I was thinking about PolOp to fight the Crisiums.

22 Sep 2021 Bridgeman

Hmm I´m not sure because in order to even install it you need to go through ice on centrals without apocing, which is something you want to avoid. And it doesnt fit with the rest of the deck in general. But mb it´s better than I think.

Hippo makes sense to me because it is generically useful and in faction. Acme is glacier but doesnt run a ridiculous amount of ice so it serves well to stretch defenses thinner. It can make crisium weaker, it can pressure the DQ remote, or it can punish the corp overcommiting defenses to archives by pivoting to going for R&D and stargate.

Froom the little testing I did with Sokka it felt manegable because the Acme is quite poor without getting to sit on a daily quest. So if you can just deny that money you can get a reasonably priced apoc in. Due to out of the ashes there needs to be two or more crisiums on centrals to completely stop you from apocing or they need to commit anoetics. I felt like if you just go for the runs at the right time and focus on collecting cash for those monents I feel you are not at a disadvantage. We didnt play a huge amount of games though so maybe my view is scewed atm.

It is a matchup where it is quite easy to make a mistake, I lost a practice game where I was in promising spot by unnecessarily leaving a labor rightss in hand to get salemed away for example.

I know everyone wants to cut it, but personally I really recommend keeping the aesop in :D At the late stages of these games just as in the early stages the game is mostly about money, that guy helps a lot when games get grindy.

22 Sep 2021 rotage

I love any deck that is basically 3 copies of all its cards so elegant :)

22 Sep 2021 Longi

@Bridgeman Thanks for detailed answer. I aim to instal PolOp after having switched to Omar and run on HQ through his ability. But I agree that is not always possible. But then, if everything goes smoothly, I run every server just once to apo everything, so using Hippo also seems often redundant. But I will definitely give it a try. What cards would you cut for it?

Also, have you tested Wildcat strike in this build?

As for the after-apo grindy part of game, which proved to be more useful for you, Aesop or DJ Fenris?

@rotage Elegance is of course the main reason why i chose to play this deck;)

22 Sep 2021 Bridgeman

Yeah for sure there are some situations where polop would be better.

Basically you probably wouldnt install the hippo until it is needed, whether for pressuring the remote or for clearing out a crisium on a central, so it wouldnt go to waste. Tbh I havent tried it myself, but Ive faced it in practice with my acme and found it hard to deal with. Cutting cards is hard here, but if I tried it I would cut a fermenter.

Yup i tried wildcat strike, I did a bit off a rant in the original writeup comments if you want my full thoughts. TLDR it is bad.

I only tried fenris for like five games, and I personally found he was just in the way. so I´ve still left him out of my build. I find the fact that aesop recoups your money in a conditionless way and with less investment is better. Also I like how he gives the opportunity to play around ark lockdown which is a common hate card. Sokka and the king disagree with me though :D

23 Sep 2021 Starpunk

How would you use Rebirth? Is it to stop your ability at some point or more to counter specific Corps?

23 Sep 2021 Longi

@Bridgeman Thanks again!

@StarpunkYou often rebirth into Omar to decrease the costs of apo-turn runs. Usually once you have all the necessary tools, meaning apo in hand and breakers in the bin. Then the mill ability of Maxx is not relevant anymore and you can stop loosing valuable resources.

When you do not succed in your apo plan before you have milled your deck, you want to rebirth anyway so you can use Labor Rights and do not mill the retrieved cards.

Then there are special cases, for example against PE you want to rebirth as soon as possible to stop loosing cards. Or when the servers are not heavily iced you can rebirth into Kim if you see benefits in trashing valuable operations. Sometimes, the rebirth into Quetzal can save your a*s after you have lost access to Paperclip (due to Ark Lockdown etc.)