Comrades Val (3rd, 4th, 7th, 11th)

TheBigBoy 8865

Yeah, we played the same thing as last year.

This deck took Josh Wilson, Me, Dan D'argenio, and Dien Tran into the cut at worlds 2018 (I can't label this deck with that yet though...)

Notable changes:

Turntable is great against nearly every deck.

The Archivist is a clutch tech card against CtM. I didn't run it, but everyone else did and you should too.

Ice Carver is really important against the newly unrestricted Fairchild 3.0.

More breakers because getting gear-checked was a weakness of the 2017 list.

Estrike instead of Film Critic + Hacktivist

Make a money pile, use Stimhack to threaten aggressive scores and trash CtM boards. Apply econ pressure by trashing everything and playing Mining Accident. Finish them off with Indexing, Turning Wheel, Rebirth, and Turntable.

Extremely solid deck that is 100% fundamentals.