Protection Guaranteed* (2nd Place, Sydney SC, 6/4/2019)

RJorb 194

This deck went undefeated in the Swiss at a 15-person Store Champ, then sadly dropped a couple of games in the cut to an excellently piloted pair of Runners (Nexus 419 and Stabby Maxx).

Swiss: Beat Val, beat Smoke, beat GPI Net Tap Az, beat Stabby Maxx.

Top 4 Cut: Lost to Nexus 419, beat Nexus 419, lost to Stabby Maxx.

7 Apr 2019 sanjayshelat

...ooohhh... I might have to give this a try! Thanks!

7 Apr 2019 RJorb

You’re welcome! I’d suggest swapping out the 2x IP Block for something else, though, they were pretty underwhelming on the day. Maybe try 2x Slot Machine!