Architect of Sunset, Undefeated @Ferrara CO(standard)

b4ralai 1148

Since Sunset banlist came out I started playing it. I didn't find it more enjoyable than standard, but the more are the restrictions, the better creativity works. Most of the times.. Not really this time.

I simply picked again an old junk archetype that i always loved to play with mediocre results at best, and tried to turn it into sunstet banlist. It worked suprisingly well, at the point that i started playing it against standard runners (not to brag or something, i was just sick to wait long for a sunset game to start).

This allowed me to go through several iteration of the deck, explore different playstyle and tech, and face pretty much any runner dozen of times to improve both the list and the playstyle and this is the result.

It sucks right? Yeah, I mean. It's just a bunch of bioroid..

But let's dig a bit into the deck. Yes, you are poor. I can remember only few times i got more than 9 credit. But playing poor corps is my comfort zone, and most of my deckbuilding works around this rule: poor runner vs poor corp, poor corp wins. Rich runner vs rich corps, rich runner wins. So you have to get used to make choices, dont fall into runner's bait and find smart ways to counterbait (i'm not talking about putting somethin in the remote and hoping for a check..). You have to make value of your being poor to make the runner feel confidant to make some exchanges, because AoT revolves around that basically countersiphon the runner. Make him spend X so you can gain Y in value, that will for the runner to spend Z again and making you gain N value and so on.

You won't make money, you will make value. And any choice is relevant, untill they doesn't matter anymore because the runner is locked out. Yeah, believe it or not, lock-out a runner is still possible. The concept of scoring windows isn't only alive in the heart of old farts like me.

Let's talk about the testing iteration. I'm part of the Dothraki playtest group. We love trash, but high standard trash. Some of you probably watched or read Alita, and we are basically digging into piles of trash relentelessly untill something as ancient as powerful, or not from this world is found. Then we polish it, cuddle it, study it, and most of times trash it starting all over again. There are also other peculiarities that identify a dhotraki, but they are not relevant at the moment.

Choices: No Bran. Yeah, as soon as that bioroid becase a powerhouse in the meta looks obvious include it into this decklist. WRONG. First, you dont want that much etr, else you wont be able to trigger your ID as often as you need. Second, you have to carefully balance costs of your bioroids to squeeze the most, and adding another 6 cost would clunk the engine. You could argue that a Tyr is even worse, but force the runner to made some awful choices when rezzed first time, while bran is just a "duh, click first sub", and is way more challenging as the games goes on to the point that tyr server will be ignored by the runner as long as possible.

Adrian Seis over manegarm and anoetic. I tried them a lot, all of them. Adrian won because: -Is not played, and Dothraki loves this thing. -It works with only 1 credit. This is crucial, because during important turns you will be often at that amount during breach. -He protect himself when psy fails, allowing you start over again stronger than before with a poorer runner in front of you, and one more ice rezzed. -IT MOVES. This is his bigger perks. You can lure the runner to think that you are protecting HQ because you have agendas, tempting him to check and making great value. Or discourage a check on a central with one or two unrezzed bioroids before you can rez them via ID. It works as sable's mark, or in the opposite way.

Nico campaign over other assets. This is simple, we don't have rashida. Here nico beats maryling because of the instant gain 1. You are not really afraid of the runner trashing him, he wont go through 2 bioroids just to deny you gaining 3-6 credits, allowing you to rez for 4. I used to play Daily quest, but it tricked me into holding it way longer than actually needed, and a runner mind is set to go trash it. Plus cannot be faked for an agenda unless you drop the income. I used also to play cybersand harvester. VEEEEEEERY FUN! And it actually works really good. But i opted to put influence in seis, because manegarm would allow me to lure the runner as stated before. And also noticed that being poor is better to lure the runner and make value rather than capitalizing on rez and derez.

I'm writing a lot. I'll spend few words on hakarl. Huge card. It can proc your stegodon again out of nowhere after the runner forced you to proc them by derezzing another ice ice, or allow you to draw again via spin. He made bioroids unclickable untill the end of the TURN, and can be derezzed via stego if you dont need credits. MVP by far, and often lands one or 2 brain damage in a game, that help you to slow down the runner.

Next activation command. Insane. Stego+NAC is +4 str on already huge ice, and the runner has to pay for them. No shenaningans except bypass. Suck it, botulus!

And there is more i can tell about this deck, blah blah blah, matchups, blah blah blah, ice priority, blah blah blah, agenda set, blah blah blah.

But a Dothraki don't write. A Dothraki must fight to add a bell on their bride.

4 Mar 2024 Necrid

Hey! Thank you so much for all the write-up, I found it really interesting and didactic. I absolutely agree that NAC is absolutely bonkers. What do you think about using Offworld Office instead of SaM to help with economy? I imagine that you plan to win with two 3 pointers and a Stegodon, but maybe that could palliate those economy issues.

5 Mar 2024 b4ralai

Thanks Necrid! Offword was a candidate in the agenda set (along with CFC excavation and architect deployment). I went for send a message for this reasons: 1-less agenda density. Now the main finisher among runners is multiaccess, and lowering the density a bit helps. 2-skillful runners make few runs possible, or hammer the same server to avoid you exploiting ID or stegodon. Send a message helps fixing that 3-you actually want to be poor. Range 3-6 credits. I know it can sound weird, but you want the runner to act and take risks, because is the faster way to set you up into a good midgame and a great lategame. So you want to risk early game, and send a message compensate a bit your gambling loss against the runner, and moves your board forward while still not alarming the runner "ok, he has 7 credit so the outermost ice on HQ or remote can be an ansel, better not to run now and build up economy". If you simply rez an ansel on HQ with 3 cred in bank, he will be tempted for the remote with an unrezzed and an eli if you jam a spin/nico/upgrade in it. Lowering his bank account, and giving you a free edge fund on the server you actually need most protection, or where you plan to do things next.

But offword is not a bad choice. It's all about the playstyle, as I said i feel confidant playing as poor corp against poor runners. We are playing a more math and value based netrunner than ever, and despite the credit balance of the 2 agendas is in favor of offword, netrunner is great because is not yet all about math. EG: Not playing Skunk game me a huge advantage, because runner often make math before a run considering me having one unrezzed in the remote. Or seis mess math up more because you are not guaranteed to get rid of it even in a weak remote as long as I have 1 credit left, and on the other hand i can hide him under more taxing ice next turn. So it's all about deterrents and invitations to run, and being poor with a good ice rezzed by Send a Message sounds like an invitation most of the times.

15 Mar 2024 EmmaAlva

I found it very engaging and informative. Your decks contains great tiny fishing insight and insight into the issue discussed.