The OKORINA Class Act (4-1 and 1st Place)

Sokka 1322

This deck took me to the top of the first ever OKORINA tournament along with my Glenn Station

The ID is The Class Act.

I went into this tournament expecting a lot of tag strategies. Stuff with Sea Source, HHNs, and False Leads. So basically I wanted to play Forger, Citadel Sanctuary, and Rogue Trading. This also means DreamNet is very good. The rest of the deck kinda builds itself. Embezzle is there to counter the above mentioned strategies. It’s also good against Glenn Station’s who are trying to Red Planet Couriers, tho the game I lost was to such a Glenn Station where I whiffed on both Embezzles and I couldn’t keep enough money to run 4 deep servers with stuff like 6-advanced Masvingos :D

I love new formats where there’s new deck building involved. Such a refreshing experience! Huge shoutouts to @Sanjay for running these things and to @amavric for streaming!