C.R.E.A.M. - 1st Vancouver Store Champs

Midseasonpsycho 163

This deck took me to fist place at the Vancouver Store Champs. Winning against, Sync, Titan, Cybernetics, 2 x CTM and dropping a game to Aginfusion.

The breaker Suite is quite normal, the only thing I didn't like was Na'Not'K. It was normally just as expensive to break things with Femme early game without the added bonus. Its only use really was breaking small ice and not having to pay 11 for a Femme (with SMC). I will look to replace this for sometime else down the line.

Other cards worth mentioning:

2 Stimhacks was the right choice, it was 3 but I cut 1 for Hunting Grounds which is so good right now. Also a turn one; Click Wu for SMC, Stimhack Archives for Opus and click for 4 more credits is not a bad start!

2 Ubax and 2 Beth was the right choice, normally drawing you 2 cards a turn or a card and an extra click is amazing. Leaving your clicks free for installing or Opus.

Sports hopper was my damage protection as I was expecting to see lots of Palana or Weyland Boom decks. I didn't see any of this but it was still good for extra link and more click free draw. I hate dead damage protection cards in my deck so this was a winner for me.

Drive By was my spice and it was MVP on the day as no one expected it. I added it as so many decks are IAA everything now and it can save me so much money not running to check a server, also clears Mushin'ed things risk free. On the day It revealed the winning GFI in a Sync trap deck, cleared a CVS from a server while I had clot out and revealed a QPM in a server when I was tagged. It also is so good to play for free and 1 click with Shadow Net.

Overall I am loving this new ID and can't wait for more cards to come out to help it.

Thanks to everyone who played in the store champs and making my last Vancouver Tournament so much fun!!

Dollar dollar bill, y'all. "C.R.E.A.M." (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Wu for life!

20 Feb 2018 emilyspine

Congrats Joel! Love the spicy drive by. Bet nobody saw it coming.

22 Feb 2018 JonesCo

I played in this tournament, and I appreciate that Joel took the time to post his deck, along with commentary. I didn't play against Joel that day, but I did hear about Drive By being tech, in his deck, as the rounds progressed. Sorry to read that this was your last Vancouver tournament; you will be missed . . . until your eventual return, I assume. The highlight of the day was the TO announcing Top 4, reading out Joel's name, and then everyone looking around, like it was a live 'Where's Waldo' because nobody could find Joel. Then, someone looks through a window, and spots Joel smoking a cigarette outside, in sub zero temperature, shivering. Lol, Joel was literally the last person to find out that he made the cut.

22 Feb 2018 JonesCo

I played in this tournament. I didn't get matched against Joel that day, but I did hear that Drive By was tech, in his deck, between one of the rounds. Great choice! It is those kinds of surprises that make tournaments exciting, and a win that much sweeter. Sorry to read that this was your last Vancouver tournament. Hopefully, you will return one day. My favourite moment occurred when the TO announced the Top 4, read Joel's name out loud, and everyone looked around like it was a live version of 'Where's Waldo' because nobody could find Joel. Then, one keen-eyed person spots Joel, through a window, shivering outside in the sub zero temperatures, smoking a cigarette. Lol, Joel, literally, was the last person to discover that he made the cut.

4 Mar 2018 Gauss

I've tried out this deck a few times and felt like it was hard to get going with card draw after the initial Opus start. Did you mulligan for an ubax? Also, have you tinkered with this since dropping Tapwrm?

19 Mar 2018 Midseasonpsycho

Thanks @JonesCo that made me laugh!

@Gauss I was always happy to see Ubax in my opening hand but I would only mulligan for a Scavenge really. Never really had issue with card draw, you really want to see beth, Ubax, fan sites (Artist Colony), use your ID and at a push use Sports hopper if its going bad. If you find any one of these that is your draw/ search engine.

I have been tinkering and actually messing around with Tapwrm being my restricted card instead! This list didn't need Tapwrm but it will be missed!!