Impshop Hayley - 4th at Sheffield Regionals

Nem0 61

Publishing for AlwaysBeRunning.

Based on the Aldershot-winning list with the suggested changes. I took out the Diesels and Deus X and put in Kati and The Artist for some long-game econ.

I was going to put in 2x Akamatsu, but I couldn't find them in time because they're in my rotated cards so I put in 2x Cyberdelia instead. They're a little expensive to get down, but make cheap runs even cheaper.

I also dropped a Pelangi in favour of Inti, as I found I was getting easily taxed on small barriers coughBorder Controlcough.

The 46th card and my spicy include was Brahman. Originally I included it to deal with Excalibur - running through it multiple times in the same turn was an issue, however on the day I found it useful in far more situations. It's great when dealing with small, early ice that you need to get through in a pinch, and several of your utility programs can easily be put back on top for no real downside, just don't try and break anything above 4 with it, as its pump/strength ratio is downright bad.

On the day the deck beat Titan, NEXT Design and PE, losing to Patrick and Aki's Blue Sun decks - the deck just can't consistently break massive ice like Chiyashi and Orion without opening itself up to scoring windows.

I'm playing again next Saturday in York so I may try and find space for D4V1D. The deck has the recursion to keep bringing it back, as well as putting it back on top with Brahman.

4 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator

You trashed 2 Punitives with that bloody imp - annoyingly I discarded a cvs the turn before it came down.

Congrats on top 4 and I really enjoyed our cut game :)

6 Aug 2019 Nem0

@Blonde Haired Hacker Girl I may have trashed 2, but if I'd trashed the third I'd have been able to steal that agenda with no follow-up ;) Always a pleasure Aki :) and see you on Saturday!