Azmari Glacier (Cache Refresh)

Chaostheorie7 27

This deck was adapted from TheBigBoy's Azmari Glacier deck ( for a Cache Refresh GNK, where it had two timed wins and tied once (I always played corp second, and all 3 rounds went to time -- I still play a bit slowly).

While losing the 3rd Tollbooth and 2nd Ash due to the Cache Refresh restrictions is sad, overall the deck does not lose much in this smaller cardpool. It is fairly easy to score out one, or even two 5/3s fairly quickly. At the same time, it is quite hard for the runner to find agendas, because the agenda density is so low (less than 1 in 7, as opposed to almost 1 in 5 as in most decks).

If I made a change, I might include a 3rd Echo Chamber, just to ensure that one can be found quickly enough.