Have all cakes, and eat them too! (2nd Malmö Regionals)

Bridgeman 2321

Originally this was a pretty long report detailing some card choices and deck strategy, as well as how some games went. But it turned out I was not logged in when I hit the publish button... ;(

Long story short:

This deck went 4-2 on the day. I lost the final game in the finals from what I believe was a winning position. I was too tired and excited and started making some big mistakes as I often do when the stakes are high.

The deck is sort of a glacier Azmari(if you need it to be) that also at the same time tries to apply economic pressure to the runner and force the runner to clear tags under the threat of boom. It has been my best performing corp deck ever in testing.

I had a blast at the tournament, lots of exciting games and nice people. Big thanks to Siegl for organizing! Congratz to dksy301 on the win, well played!