Titan Tech - 4th APAC (5-0)

qvm 1921

This deck is supposed to beat Titan, but then never had to face off against Titan. It still went unbeaten, winning 4 in Swiss (1 ID), and one game in the cut.

This meant that Turntable was only installed once, and did a swap that ultimately didn't matter.

Still, I'd play this deck again card-for-card. My deck building philosophy is not quite orthodox, and might not fit every play style, but let me explain the main thoughts.

I wanted to be fast. Titan, Asa & co are fast, and you need to match them. Gamenet & co are slow. If you match their slowness, you lose (I don't think drip of 1-2 Rezeki is gonna make up for that).

I don't view influence as sacred. Many people think I waste influence on real Diesel, since I can get the almost as good Blueberry version for free. Except Blueberry Diesel isn't good, and isn't such a thing as "free slots". I'd rather spend inf for improved cards, and then use the remaining slots for all the amazing in faction cards that criminal has. Not a single card in this deck is bad, or has a superior "twin" out of faction (except for maybe Amina, but decoders are a tricky topic these days).

Thanks to all the organizers and competitors for a fun weekend!

20 Jul 2020 Watzlav

Congratulations! Cool deck, but Bravado has a superior zero cost "twin" in Anarch for mere one influence.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Congrats on a great performance, 5-0 is no small feat. Hoping to see you (and maybe this deck) at the Intercontinentals!