One for them champions. 4-0 Tampere CO

aksu 285

Hi. Won A CO with PD feels good. Its the same deck that everybody else has played. There should be a second Vovo over the greasing the palm but could not find it when building the deck out :D

Anyways PD is cool here take a copy for yourself.

Only intresting card that is bit non standard is vovo. And the fam has been really great. Allowing you to trigger tranq grid, often turning into +6c of value and having a cool as mug. All amazing benefits. It turns into a bit of a weak draw later in the game so having the second one would be sick as.

To increase the blog post length I can talk a bit about the MUs for the deck:

Mawrie: IDK :shrugging emoji:

Loupe: single ice centrals and push remotes

Crim: put bran on HQ and smile when opponent realizes it takes like 8c to break every time. Also be good and dodge pinholes. Also really hope your opponents singles miss when going for the last push.

Reg hosh: Play good and jam quick. Defend both centrals a bit.

Lat: Play good and jam quick. Defend RnD and ice HQ only when must.

Esa: IDK just loose I guess (Actually you small ice HQ and go all in on the remote coinflip)

Maw aneas Kit: Havent played this yet so cant really say.

Also I can mention some of the cards I did not play in this deck:

  • Vilturuvius: Its worse than ADT apparently. Just gotta find that seamless quick.

  • Cerebral overwriter: -_- Not a toxic thule player (JK Love thule players just don’t join my games)

  • Fairchild 3.0: I would play it but NSG rotated it out for some reason >:(

  • Ablative barrier: The idea of getting your anoteic back is so GOOD but it kinda is a bad modal ice. Its bad early becouse Etr gearchecks don’t just work anymore. And lategame you need to install it on a central when you want to be janming.

  • Harmonics: Harmonic package is kinda whack. You need to play like 20341421x bad ice to include 1 good ice.

  • Hagen: Bad bran.

  • Ansel. I think ansel is neat. But just love bran and M.I.C more. Drafter is the goat of the slot.

  • Nightdancer: Shoutouts to Jank builders.

  • Scapenet: Its a cute tech card but slots issue I think. Hitting twinning, simulchip, the rat is good but too situational when you need to be janming.

  • YDL: too much inf. Anoetic and BC are just too good. And you need mav+ spin for anarchs rn. Maybe after mulch gets banned and the game gets saved you get +2 inf again and play YDL.

Fun deck. Everybody should play it when they go to Tampere to play a sick ass game against sick ass people. Preferrably carpooling and chatting the good talk with sick as fams.

12 Feb 2024 jan tuno

this is such a writeup. thank you

12 Feb 2024 Tamijo

That quagsire is holding one too few copies of PD.

12 Feb 2024 Kror

Great writeup, I'm just curious: which of this deck's 3x cards you would choose to "accidentally" take a 4th copy of?