Yellow AgMarine - 1st Intercontinentals (undefeated)

qvm 1903

On Saturday afternoon, Leela boarded an unknown vessel and started to sink. Hard.

Then, during game 3, this little beauty started kicking into full gear.

The AgMarine

Ag in a post-excaliptic world

There are a few reasons Ag is interesting.

  • Ag is rango-proof. Boomerangs on unrezzed ice fall victim to boops. And Ag's favorite boop target, Anansi, is even more rango-proof
  • Cyberdex Sandbox is amazing, and I really want to play only 8 gendies. Ag can afford to drop two Niseis
  • Ag has a ton of influence, and it doesn't need to include a playset of border controls. This means we can play triple gold farmer
  • Ag can include situational ice such as Macrophage and Sadaka. Worst case it's boop fodder
  • Ag is good against Apoc, which has recently been popular
  • Unlike Palana, Ag doesn't supercharge Pad Tap. Unless you have that Hortum on HQ ¯\(ツ)/¯ (Yes, I overextended on the remote, and then couldn't rez another ice on HQ as planned)


ICE amount
Glacier decks usually lose if they don't have early ice. I play such a large number of ice primarily for consistency (I don't install/rez them all. This is not GameNet).

ICE cost
Some new ice with fabulous numbers has been printed. For example, for Amina, breaking Engram Flush or DNA Tracker costs the same! Most of the deck consists of small-mid sized ice with good numbers.
The one ice expensive to rez is Anansi. It's the deck's most important ice, as it enables the most viscous booping and taxing.
An earlier iteration of this deck was running Týr. And while he is awesome, there were ways to work around him that do not work on Anansi.

Gold Farmer

Gold Farmer is amazing. If the runner isn't stimming, I actually like the fact that runners can pay through. Ag is more interested in taxing than gearchecking, and paying 6 to see an NGO being popped is rough.
However, I don't think that this deck needs Gold Farmer to work. It just happens to be some of the best value that influence can buy.

A more gearchecky alternative would be Sandstone, and there is some antiviral synergy in the deck. However, stacking too many of them makes repeated runs too cheap.


Shout-out to lostgeek for inspring both finalists to play Jinteki glacier. I would also like to thank Noah and him, along with the other jnet devs, for developing such an amazing online client. Without it, lockdown tournaments wouldn't even be possible in the first place!

Notable mention to Kloppy for providing me with the rango-proof badge.

10 Aug 2020 Jakuza

Awesome. Turns out the Swiss alps produce some of the best submarines.

10 Aug 2020 pspacekitten

All hail the first Intercontinental champion!

10 Aug 2020 percomis

Casually coming back from Netrunner retirement to win Intercontinentals ;)

Congrats @qvm, very well played!

10 Aug 2020 CritHitd20

What a cool list. I never would have tried going down to 1 Nisei. Congrats on the strong performance!

10 Aug 2020 Klopstock

Amazing performance and meme-mazing writeup! Well done and congratulations!

10 Aug 2020 JackMade

Totally out of the box thinking here. Eazy clap, no need to shor Vitruv. :P

I'll give this deck a 5/7.

10 Aug 2020 Jakuza

No Vitruv is best for shor Vitruv. They keep looking.

10 Aug 2020 steffmonkey

Congrats on the win, good to see you back again too.

11 Aug 2020 koga

This deck is a gem, I'll give it 2 hearts and a <3

11 Aug 2020 Cpt_nice

Congrats. This makes me want to play more Aginfusion. Question. Why Hortum?

11 Aug 2020 Hongkong Koma

Congrats Yannick!

11 Aug 2020 Berzelius

. ' , _________ _ /|_____|\ _ '. \ / .' '.\ /.' '.'

11 Aug 2020 JackMade

Hortum might be in here to make the crim opponent not concede to early, because your pad taps make you happy when you bump into hortum. :)

11 Aug 2020 qvm

Thanks all for your kind words!

Re Hortum: I did write that I planned to rez that slot machine on top of the hortum. That game didn't quite go as planned.

Hortum is a midrange etr codegate. I was maybe counting on too much turtle or amina, and not enough on engolo. Also it's quite decent on a remote. But the specific pieces of ice don't matter too much. Maybe this could have been a sandstone.

11 Aug 2020 Cluster Fox

Cool list, well done!

13 Aug 2020 qvm

I'd also test -hortum +drm

14 Aug 2020 lukevanryn

This write-up is excellent!

15 Aug 2020 Gerrark

Love to see a brilliant iteration and execution of a deck built around one of my favorite Jinteki IDs. Well done!

15 Aug 2020 Shorty

Soooo strong! Well played!