TheBigBoy's Bhag-Ass Whiz

TheBigBoy 8934

Are you tired of Faust and Wyldcakes but feel helpless without 3 recurring credits to trash Mumba Temples?

Does your EtF friend think he's being super clever by slotting 3 Viktor 1.0?

Do you want Sol to whiff on their Targetted Marketing 3 times in a game?

Our savior Whizzard is here to save us from...well...Whizzard. Only this whiz has gone clean. No more late-night parties, no more pacts with the devil. Just a cybernetic eye, a room at a fancy Hotel, and some...delightful friends!

In all seriousness, Bhagat has really revived this sort of Efficiency-based Desperado Anarch deck. The HQ pressure of Datasucker is not threatening enough without Clone Chips, so good Corps would cut corners on HQ defense in favor of rushing out agendas. Bhagat forces these players to SLOOOOOOW down, lest he give you 6+ random accesses (actually, mills are even better than random accesses in an aggressive deck, since you want the Corp to draw agendas rather than useful cards). This lets you get to late-game where your Anarch doom-rig really shines.

The 1x Vamp is an awesome surprise and wins games all by itself. You apply so much pressure spread over so many servers that the Corp is never ready for it. Feel free to try running 2. The 2nd Vamp is definitely the missing 46th card here. The Deja Vu can get you back your NRE if you lose it somehow vs a deck with lotus fields, but it can also save you from a really unlucky peddler dumping too many breakers. Usually it just gets back 2 Parasites, which is always a strong play if the Corp is playing too defensively.

A single Stimhack could also be a nice surprise, but I couldn't find room. If there is a TON of Lotus Field in your meta you should slot a single Faust or Knight to help deal, but I haven't had trouble finding my NRE against those decks. They will play around Faust even though you don't have it. You can always avoid running the remote if you know it's lotus and rely on your Vamp to get you in.


28 Jun 2016 kollapse

I've been having a blast with this deck since you streamed it. Kudos for keeping Whizzard builds alive and exciting.

28 Jun 2016 junkmail

Looks neat!

With all the resources and viruses running around I'd be tempted to cut Desperado for Grimoire and Career Fairs.

28 Jun 2016 kwind

I remember playing a Whizzard deck a little bit like this before the Faust era and always thought it was good fun ... spectated a couple of your recent games on Jinteki and Bhagat seems to have made it noticeably stronger.

Seems like it could be a really good meta call with corps building their ice suites to combat Faust and the growth of asset spam.

The biggest initial weakness I can see is the lack of answers to fast advance, but I do really like the deck's ability to put heavy pressure all three centrals.

28 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@junkmailthat's a totally different deck, and I bet you'll find that it's slower and poorer, especially against asset decks.

@kwind you know NEH lost games before Clot was printed right? :P

28 Jun 2016 kwind

I watched you crush a few NBN decks in ugly fashion on Jinteki so I'm definitely not saying you're doomed to lose to NEH by any means :)

I play criminal a lot though so I know all too well the feeling of trying to figure out how you're going to win before the corp can when the NBN player has 4 points and an astro counter.

29 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

Ya. You have to have solid early HQ pressure and keep sansans off the table with your whiz money.

30 Jun 2016 dormio

Hmm no Plascrete... Feels risky.

30 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@dormioyou have 3 IHW and score points pretty quickly. Add 1 plas if you want.

1 Jul 2016 Yukon

So... Little Engine on R&D and HQ, CVS in the bin. Playing NEH FA. They went from 2 to 8 with me scratching my head. 2 Davids got me 3 accesses. Would have been four if I had found Deja.

Any suggestions on what I should have done?

1 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

Yeah that's a bummer. Win before that happens?

Splash a knight if these situations are common for you. It gets through LE for less than 0.

1 Jul 2016 PeekaySK

@Conphas Personally, I would take an Archives Interface to solve the issue of being locked out of farming Sucker tokens comfortably (and also take care of some other pesky things). With the CVS outta there you'd have had zero problems.

1 Jul 2016 Yukon

@TheBigBoy``@PeekaySK Both good are good suggestions. I don't think it will be a common occurrence. It has been a while since playing Yog and forgot that feeling of helplessness.

1 Jul 2016 kwind

I played 10 games with this deck and can report back that I love it. It's a lot of fun, very interactive, and despite the reliance on the fixed-strength breakers, is efficient and resilient to a lot of different types of decks.

It doesn't feel unfair like Dumblefork did before the meta adapted to it, but so far went 8-2 with it, with one of the losses being to the creator who constructively pointed out some pilot error to me. Earlier today, I played a game against a standard Palana deck. He got off to a fast start and I expected him to race by me, but I was able to pressure centrals enough to keep him off his game just long enough to get a foothold and take over. Desperado and Whizz is very satisfying against all the asset spam you see these days.

After initially planning to tinker with it a little bit, I don't think I'd change a card. In theory, I wouldn't mind a second deja vu, vamp or net-ready eyes if deck slots and influence weren't so tight. I find I don't actually install d4v1d very often and occasionally have MU issues, but obviously with a set of fixed-strength breakers, d4 is mandatory, and desperado is worth it over grimoire in the current asset-heavy climate. A couple games I got midseasoned, which was a downer with all the resource economy, but I think I won them both so it couldn't have been that bad.

1 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

@kwindDesperado is a massive boon when you are forced to go tagme.

5 Jul 2016 Esfres34

I've been playing this out of Kim and loving it. Nice deck.

6 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

Yeah this works out of most Anarch IDs. If I didn't use Whiz I'd want to find a way to slot some Imps though to help deal with SanSan.

12 Jul 2016 meta4

Love the deck as usual @TheBigBoy, keep it up! My one major thought is that I've never been a huge fan of liberated accounts, and I'm really not loving it in here. Kati is already really click intensive and with a deck like this you would really rather be running or drawing and getting your rig set up than investing the clicks into liberated. Have you tried maybe cyberfeeder instead? Seems like it would be a great addition to make running even more efficient and gives you great sustained econ into the late game without having to take clicks away from running.

12 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

The role of liberated is to boost the early game. It's one of the best cards to have in your starting hand. You usually have the clicks to unload 1 lib in a game, that's why there are not 3 in the deck. Kati is too slow against a lot of decks. You are always happy to see Lib early vs NEH, but Kati is mostly useless.

18 Jul 2016 cygnals

How would you tackle tuning this deck in light of the most recent MWL amendments? For me, it seems like going down to 2 Parasite and 1 Yog is the least painful change to make. A second Vamp, and then maybe a Knight for a heavy Lotus meta is a good call; either that or another Liberated and a second Plascrete for better scenarios against kill decks would be better. What do you think?

19 Jul 2016 manveruppd

Alternatively you could replace both Y0gs with Fausts, and lose the NRE. That's 2 influence right there. Faust would have to cover S4 sentries as well as code gates below S5, but only until you get enough sucker tokens. Can you afford to pitch cards without Levy though?

19 Jul 2016 manveruppd

Alternatively you could play replace both Y0gs and NREs with a single Gordian and have an influence to spare for another D4v1d, but then you might struggle against str4 sentries.

20 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

I'd rather cut Desperado for Grim than do any of these things.

21 Jul 2016 manveruppd

What would you do with the 6 influence you would save if you cut Desperado though?

21 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

2 Choices. Either 2 Clone Chips, or the 2nd Net-Ready. and some luxury 4 inf. Lucky find is not a bad idea with all the resource hate and Hard-hitting news around. It depends on your meta a lot.