Vamp MaxX (4th Place @ Total Escape)

CrimsonWraith 3614

My fourth place Runner deck at the 21-player Total Escape Games Store Championship in Broomfield, Colorado on February 18th, 2017. I went undefeated through Swiss to snag the top seed and my third cut this season (w/six different factions!), before proceeding to drop my first two games in the cut.

My only loss was to an old school Haarpsichord kill deck. After dancing around Midseason and HHN all game, I totally forgot 24/7 existed outside of combo decks and died a horrible death. In hindsight, the 3x Injects should have been 3x I've Had Worse, and the 1x Clone Chip and 2x Hacktivist Meeting should have been 3x Employee Strike. A single I've Had Worse in hand could have prevented the flatline, and Employee Strike would have won me the game (4 points scored, 3 points Keyhole'd into Archives and no Jackson against Haarp), plus made my other matchups easier all day (Prison PU and PE).

Anyway, nothing particularly special or striking about the list itself, others have already done similar. Get money, Vamp the Corp, Keyhole points, blow up ice as necessary, do it all really quickly. I had the added benefit of Minh MaxX being my go-to tourney deck for quite a bit last year, and repeatedly won games against players who assumed I was on DLR and tried to rush out when I'm sitting with ice destruction and Vamp in hand. Whoops. =)