Rudolph & Rapson (4-0 Bay Area GNK)

swan 580

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When MWL 3.3 went up the very first thought I had was the exact list I had played at Gencon last year when I went 5-2 was legal again. I had intended to play this at the SD regional but pivoted to Titan the day before.

This is rude and this just wins, a derivative of aunthemod's gulag deck taking the runner's credits is a prime strategy. Reversed Accounts is a rude card and even if the runner bites and runs your reversed accounts they still gotta give you three bucks to get it off the table.

Today I swept the corpside with this deck, scoring once and killing three runners. Spicy kills include a hpt+boom to kill a Hayley with 12 cards in hand and using two hpts after spending a raven token to kill Jesminder with three cards in hand.

Make the runner sad, make the runner dead. It's a brutal game, hit them with some brutalism.

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